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Beans & Lentils

Black Beans 10 lbs. 28.45
Cannellini Beans10 lbs. 32.00
French Navy Beans10 lbs. 29.25
Garbanzo Beans10 lbs. 28.75
Garbanzo Beans Organic10 lbs. 42.85
Lentils, Black Beluga10 lbs. 32.80
Lentils, French Green10 lbs. 32.85
Lentils, Petite Crimson10 lbs. 32.25
Lentils, Red Chief10 lbs. 33.60
Peas, Blackeye10 lbs. 40.60
Small Red Beans50 lbs. 74.50
Tongues of Fire10 lbs. 42.00

Beans & Lentils

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